Apr 7, 2012

Romantic Modernista: Part I

Adventure I: Analyze your top talent.


Long cream cardigan 

Coral floral maxi dress

Black ballet flats

Cream slingbacks

Silver heart headband


Butterfly Skirt

Op Plaid Shirt - Pink

Op Plaid Shirt - Purple

I compiled this list without looking at my closet - just off the top of my head. Do you notice a trend among my clothing? I do, but this maybe because I can picture the clothing. The trends I notice are: Winter palette, romantic i.e. girly and feminine, bright colors. Looking at this shows me I don't have very much modern clothing. And this lets me know that I have to work on that aspect. I do own more clothing than this, I just picked what came to my head the fastest.

Isn't this fun?!

P.S. I know this is Friday not Wednesday!

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