Mar 23, 2012

May the best blogger win....

Okay, so have you ever looked at enjoyed your favorite bloggers and just wish you could just combine their styles? 'Cause I sure have! Here's who's won in each department. (Now: To you fashion blogger gals please don't get in a knot because I didn't include you. I will be doing a fashion one at some point.)

Entryway: Mandi Gubler!

I LOVED the whole tandem/bike thing! A stroke of genius! And in my favorite colors, too!

                            Entryway Before and After 2

Kitchen: Mia and Jilly!


I love the pot storage thingie! Amaze-ing!!!!!!!!!!! And the cabinets didn't detract points either!

Bathroom: Reachel Bagley!



Kudos to Reachel! I love both bathrooms! Especially the green picture frame to spice up against the pale wall.

Master Bedroom: Reachel Bagley!


The bedding's so cute, and the portraits are also ADORABLE! I'm guessing that Beth Allen did them, talented lady that she is. Am I right, Reachel?  Side note: I was looking at the blog of a minamalist one time, and I loved the pics of her bedroom, which consisted of a bed on the floor and a storage cabinet/clothes closet. The only problem was that it was all white. Now, I love a good coat of white paint, but I don't know, it just seemed so stark. I like Reachel's room because it's simple AND colorful.

Children's Bedroom: Natty Cox!


I love the wallpaper and the mobile!!!!! Oh yeah, the baby too! JK The baby is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

Office: Stacy Risenmay!


Isn't this awesome?! I love the bright colors, and especially the rug!

Random Area: Mandi Gubler!

                                           Final ERM 4 065

I love the mix of yellow and green! And the gray walls look great, Mandi!

So there you have it! If you feel that you should have won in one of the categories,send me pics! I might do a second edition!

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