Mar 27, 2012

I'm catching a dream!

This post is in response to the FFA's first assignment as assigned by Mandi Gubler!

The assignment: Decide how you want your home to feel.

I want it to feel colorful, cheery, and inspiring. To demonstrate....

                               Living Room Designs: Aquatic Influence

                               Living Room Designs: Modern Library

                                           Living Room Designs: Grand Illusion






Elegant but liveable, inexpensive but creative. A challenge but one that I'll be happy to meet.

So you want this article in one sentence?

Creative elegance without sacrificing money.

Go catch a dream!


  1. Great inspiration! I love all these ideas! You have such a fun blog! xo-Jamielyn

  2. Thanks so much, Jamielyn! If you want to see more like it, subscribe to the Jolly Cottage on Bloglovin' or by email! I look forward to your comments!