Mar 30, 2012

Fashionista turned Frugalista

I am a self proclaimed fashion lover. Why? It is entirely feminine and beautiful! I cannot imagine the world without fashion! But as much as I love fashion, I cannot love the 4 digits (or more!) needed to be plunked down for a designer frock. Suffice to say Sarah Burton is more Duchess Kate's designer of choice than my own.

I am also a self proclaimed frugalista. Among the ordinances I observe, one is to only pay 3 digits for the white dress that I will don on my wedding day. No other piece of clothing is worthy of that extravagance. Am I right?

Besides the fact that my wallet will thank me, it is much more creative to shop bargains than putting down 10 of these for a dress.

Yes, it's a bit of a challenge to find clothing since I have many clothing rules, but better to be principled than have no principle. So here are the rules:

  • No dress shall be shorter than 7 inches below my knee. Maxi length preferred. 
  • No shoe shall be taller than 3 inches. 
  • Nothing masculine shall be donned by me. 
  • I will wear pajamas in my chamber, not Walmart. 
  • Hair is meant to be done.                                    
Hopefully this shows that being a frugalista is not being a frump. And certaintly not like this:

Rather, something like this: 


I have learned so much from this darling lady! She is an absolute wealth of knowledge that is worth the time it takes to read her cyber platform. Thank you ever so much, Reachel!

She blends so many of my favorite style elements and because of her influence on my life, I will be walking through her series, Charting A Style Evolution part I and part II.

This post has prompted the coming of a new series: A Romantic Modernista. I'll explain more about the title in the debut post, premiering April 2nd! 

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