Mar 14, 2012

On my wishlist .... Part II

                                                         Here's to Ruche!!!!!!!

my love polka dot dress   cassidy gray hair clip by Petit Plume  carnation mary jane flats emma hydrangea hair pin set by Petit Plume   bonne macaron belt in lemon  casual comfort striped curvy plus dress in black makeeda knot curvy plus maxi in black   sunlight dance polka dot skirt  simple life maxi skirt in black

Okay, so you probably understand now... I love Ruche! Unfortunately, my pocketbook is not as padded as the prices. So, I just might be doing a 'ruchizing' soon. ;) Have a great day!


  1. I love ruche too!! i like all the items u posted :D

    1. Thanks, Elle R. Sorry for the looks of the post. I'm new to blogging and would greatly benefit from any tips or insight you could give me. Glad that you enjoyed it!

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    1. Thanks,! If you would like to follow The Jolly Cottage look for it on Bloglovin'. Thanks!