About Charlotte


I'm just an ordinary girl who loves God, British anything, a good book, and a vintage treasure. 


  1. Helllooo charlotte, just fell onto your blog with a lovely bump via Beautiful Mess, my all time fave blog!! Just wanted to say your blog is super lovely!!!! And oddly it made me smile as i have recently just photographed lotsv crocuses for a Spring Post i have just done, and i too, thanks to Elsie, have learnt to Fishtail plait. I am a bit of a plait nut, but have never been able to get the hang of it (i cant beleive im ranting to you about this!!lol) Anyway, love your blog, you have a new follower. Would love you to have a goosey gander at mine if u get a spare five.

    Lotsv love xxxx

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Sally! Just for the heads up my blog is on Bloglovin'. I will definitely check out your blog. Thanks again!