Mar 12, 2012

I'm back + It's spring + I learned how to fishtail braid!!!!

     Hello there! Soooooooo, I've been gone for a while. In case you do not remember who I am, go check out the About Charlotte page. (But then again, don't. It needs made over.) I needed some time to step back and think about my life. But now I'm back. No need to fret.                        

Beautiful crocuses!
We have the most beautiful crocuses in our neighborhood! I think they are even prettier than the ones in the photo, but then again maybe I'm being biased.


I learned how to fishtail braid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, I can't believe it! I've wanted to be able to fishtail  braid for like a zillion years. Thanks, Elsie! Wanna know something funny? I discovered Elsie's blog before
my love affair with vintage had begun. But now, I LOVE A Beautiful Mess! Also, congratulations are due to Mrs. Larson (Elsie). She won the Best DIY Blog of 2012!!! She deserves it. She is amazingly talented!! 

Congratulations, Elsie!

P.S. I will be changing The Jolly Cottage's looks. 


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