Feb 19, 2012

The Hollywood Cottage?

The results on the Sproost.com quiz that I took had me rather puzzled. You can take the quiz here.

50% Hollywood Couture 
50% Cottage Chic 

I guess I like each of these styles separately, but together? 

Here is my favorite photo from each style. 

Hollywood Couture
Hollywood Couture 
I love this room! The white dogs, the bust, the white couches, the small use of flowers so it doesn't seem stark. And that fireplace!
Cottage Chic
Cottage Chic

This is simple beauty! I love the white fireplace/stove. The curtains have just the right amount of pattern play to them. The bit of blue is really beautiful as well. Isn't blue such a peaceful color?

Now that I have expounded on each room a bit, I guess I could combine the styles. So just keep your eyes peeled for more posts about this. 

                            Could you combine two styles?

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